Case Study

Actual Videos

We helped our forward-thinking pals at VisitLEX dip their hooves into the popular phenomenon known as ASMR in a fun and unique way that only the 'Horse Capital of The World' could pull off. Using a horse named Hank.

This is important for several reasons.

  1. It made VisitLEX the first tourism brand to introduce ASMR into their destination marketing strategy.
  2. It made VisitLEX the first brand to use a horse in an ASMR video.
  3. We called it NEIGH-SMR which is a really cute play on ASMR.
  4. The sounds of a destination are often neglected in tourism marketing.
  5. All the feels. All the tingles.

Everyone loved Neigh-SMR. It received some amazing press. It landed on the front page of YouTube twice and it’s gotten a ton of views (over a million to date w/ $0 media behind it). It got over 31k thumbs up from the YouTube community (only 600 thumbs down)and over 1,500 really positive comments. YouTube liked it so much, they plan to feature it in their "View in 2" campaign which highlights best-in-class executions of trends & best practices on the YouTube platform. Pretty fantastic results for a campaign that cost around $4,000 to bring to life.

"Relax and Enjoy This Horse ASMR From Lexington Tourism" – Adweek

"Here’s a horse doing ASMR so you’ll be inspired to visit Lexington, Kentucky" – Fast Company

“1977 in 2019 we'll be able to teleport! 2019 horse eating asmr” – YouTube Comment